What is Maturity Framework?

The Maturity Framework is a tool designed by our experts to help organizations capture their current level of expertise in certain digital marketing operations, such as Data Management and Analytics. It also enables them to assess where they stand for each operation type (Social Media or SEO) against an industry standard that defines what's considered 'mature'.

How does it work?

There are four levels of maturity within each domain. Each level has its own threshold that must be exceeded in order to move up a step on the ladder, which can take you from Level 1 (low maturity) towards more advanced stages like 3 & 4 – (high maturity and world-class). The threshold is subject to change for each domain as the number of questions and categories are all variable.

The tool itself is a form of a questionnaire, consisting of around 40-80 questions for each domain. The questions are divided into certain categories that will make it easier to relate. The answers are also made easy by providing only 3 options from which you can select. In general, it takes 5-8 minutes to complete the assessment. The above-mentioned thresholds are calculated by the scores given at each answer provided for each question.

I hope the below sample table will help you to understand the logic behind it.


Why it is important?

The ultimate goal of any company is to grow. But how do you know if your current state has reached its peak? Or what are the next steps in order for it to reach even higher heights? Well, thanks largely due, this tool was created so that individuals within organizations could take the assessment and find out exactly where their organizations currently stand with regards to maturity level for certain domains - and then be able to categorize them accordingly into people, strategies, processes, technology etc...

While it will help you get an overview of where your company stands in terms of certain domains, it can also show what needs to happen next for improvement, whether it’s improving certain people or processes based on their current level; understanding the right strategy that should be applied moving forward (if any) and etc.

When you know the difference between your current state and an ideal one taking the world-class companies at their best as base, it will be easier for you to roadmap where improvement is needed. By performing a gap analysis with this framework in mind, you can see how far each area has come, as well as what needs more attention before moving on from there- eventually leading up to key actions that must get taken now!

It's important not just to focus on one thing but instead take a holistic approach by looking out over all aspects – people/organization tackles and challenges, rather than avoiding them altogether. And needless to say, the sooner these improvements happen; not only they increase efficiency but also produce higher returns on investments too.

What happens during and after the assessment?

During the assessment, you will already start seeing your maturity updated per each category and once you finish answering all the questions, you will see your overall score and according to that score, your maturity. You will also see the descriptions of all maturity levels and their related scores, overall or per category in the guide that is prepared for you as your reference.

In the same guide, you will also see key improvements to take for each category looking at the world-class maturity best practices. You will also have a prioritization list that will help you to prioritize the things you want to start taking action on.

After the assessment, you can book a strategy call with one of our consultants to give you direction or explain the logic and next steps further.

How can you access it?

Already interested? It is accessible from our website either from the homepage, landing page, or individual service pages. For quick access, here is the link to our website. Good luck! And feel free to schedule a strategy call if you prefer to do it together!

Gulcan Kurtul
Post by Gulcan Kurtul
February 10, 2023