Bring your marketing to a whole new level

You feel like you're spread too thin, trying to be everywhere at once with no clear path to success. We offer Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning which can free up 20% of your time so you can breathe again and focus on what's important - your customers

Finally, have the marketing edge over your competition

There is no doubt that the future of marketing will include robots. The best marketing teams will use a combination of humans and robots to build unfair competitive advantages.

Automate tedious, time-consuming tasks

Marketing is currently a juggling act. You must be everywhere at once, with the right measurement tools and customer expectations growing daily - it's exhausting! But now there are new options for businesses like yours: robotic process automation (RPA), artificial intelligence & machine learning which can free up to 20% of your time, so you don't feel overwhelmed or under-equipped anymore while still achieving successful results through standardized processes explicitly tailored for your business needs. So why wait?

Automated Web Pages Creation

We redefine your website creation processes with an efficient and scalable approach to automate page creation activities. In addition, our Digital Experts will help you bring ultimate quality control, a requirement for any content management system!

Automated Content & Asset Migration

Content & Asset Migration is one of the most time-consuming and painful tasks for Digital marketers. We aim to decrease the throughput time, increase migration quality, and save time and resources for more tactical tasks.

Automated Stock Check

We know how frustrating it is to check out and have no inventory available for purchase. That's why we're here to help provide a solution with our robots constantly checking on stock issues so that both customers can enjoy an easy experience while supporting your business at all times!

Automated Email Creation

Using our deep expertise in the Marketing Automation landscape, we transform your Email Campaign Creation activities with our Robotic Marketing Operations services to bring ultimate efficiency and quality to your operations.

Automated Segment Creation

Segmenting your audience allows you to connect with the right people. That's why we started the automated segment creation process making it easy to create and manage segments so that you can focus on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Automated Facebook Post Creation & Publishing

You can post to Facebook with complete speed and quality using our automated services. In addition, we provide the ultimate flexibility in scheduling posts so that they go out at your desired time every day of the week!

Boost your marketing execution capabilities with cutting-edge technology

We like to keep things simple, and we move fast. Automating a new activity takes less than 30 days. Our 3 steps methodology:


Automation is a great way to streamline mundane tasks that would otherwise take up time or distract employees from more critical aspects of their jobs - but it's only as good if the process has been thoughtfully planned out beforehand! Our consultants will walk through every step to uncover what needs changing, so automation becomes an effective tool for improved efficiency.


Your business needs to operate at peak efficiency. Our Digital Operations Experts can help you standardize all of the processes that keep it running smoothly and efficiently, so no unnecessary distractions or bottlenecks are holding back productivity.


Mundane tasks take up too much time and energy, eventually leading to burnout. Our team of experts will develop robots that do everything from repetitive digital marketing operations followed by User Acceptance Tests (and deployment!) so humans focus on where it matters most: growing your business!

We started a massive transformation program with NMQ Digital to make robots an integral part of our marketing operations. As a result, we have seen, on average, a 30% improvement in the domains where we have deployed the robots. Having seen the positive impact of robots within a short period, we're excited about the future to see how NMQ Digital will help orchestrate the marketing activities between humans and robots.

With the Automated Stock Check solution of NMQ Digital,  we are no longer worried about the stock availability on our product pages. Even better, we don't need to allocate resources to this operation. While saving us from the mundane stock tracking work, this solution also helped us to increase our revenue because of the timely reporting on the stock issues.
Digital Marketing Operations Lead - Consumer Electronics Company
Marketing Manager - Confidential