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We're Not Your Typical Digital Marketing Agency

Your Strategic Partner in Digital Marketing Growth

Let's transform your ambitions into realities with digital excellence and efficiency.

Who We Are?

At NMQ Digital, our commitment is simple: we get it done.
We understand the challenges of digital marketing, and we're dedicated to making it work for digitally ambitious brands. Through our innovative services, we ensure every click and campaign contributes to your success. Our diverse team of talented experts drives continuous innovation, empowering brands to excel digitally.
We are NMQ Digital. We don't just promise digital transformation—we redefine success in the digital age, ensuring efficiency and excellence.

Our Story

In the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, two visionary minds—a bold entrepreneur and a seasoned corporate strategist —found common ground in their ambition to redefine the efficiency of digital marketing on a global scale.

Their vision was fueled by an acute understanding of the global marketplace's demands: the complex challenge of streamlining communications across diverse cultures, the intensive endeavor of adapting broad strategies to local markets, and the art of navigating between innovation and tradition. 


Driven by a commitment to efficiency and a passion for transformative solutions, they established NMQ Digital. Their mission was clear: to empower businesses around the world to navigate the digital landscape with unprecedented agility and precision.

As the company grew from its Amsterdam roots to a global presence with over 300 dedicated professionals in Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur, Lisbon, Portland, and Bogota, the essence of its inception remained intact.



Today, NMQ Digital stands as a testament to the power of efficiency in driving digital marketing success. By focusing on seamless execution and innovative strategies, we not only help our clients achieve their marketing objectives but also enable them to focus on broader strategic goals.

Our story, from its beginnings to its evolution into a worldwide force, mirrors the journey we facilitate for our clients—transforming ambition into achievement through the relentless pursuit of efficiency.


Why Choose Us?
We Get It Done.

At NMQ Digital, we redefine efficiency with quality and agility at our core. We streamline your marketing for smoother, faster operations, freeing you to focus on priorities. Our seamless flexibility offers your ideal team on-demand. With a data-driven approach at every funnel stage, we're committed to exceeding expectations through constant improvement.

What Makes Us Different?

At NMQ Digital, we offer top digital talent at affordable rates, prioritizing partnership and tailored solutions. Our expertise covers the entire customer journey, from awareness to post-purchase engagement. With MarTech proficiency, we deliver solutions that work seamlessly. Plus, our global offices ensure seamless service worldwide, driving success through collaboration.


Our Values

Our values shape everything we do. They define our culture and drive our commitment to excellence, ensuring we consistently deliver results that exceed expectations.


We find creative solutions.


Team player

We work together.



We respect and include everyone.



We always deliver.

A Quick Glance at NMQ Digital




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Tickets Created


Hours Worked

You have really been anticipative and reliable during this project! As always, it's a pleasure to work with you. Always very quick on your feet in foreseeing issues and taking note of any differences in the content shown. I am very happy with the outcome of the campaign and I really enjoyed it preparing it together with you.
This was my first time working with you and I had a wonderful time working together on this ticket. You always followed all proposed deadlines and went above what was asked from you, taking the initiative to sometimes make changes that were needed before I even asked you. Our communication was quite good and smooth throughout the entirety of these two months and everything went really well during the campaign. Thank you!
You, as always, did a great job with looking into this ticket. You picked it up right away and delivered the defaults in a timely manner, after which we kept good, clear contact with each other. I am very happy to have had your assistance here! Thank you!
Snr. Digital Category Coordinator
Snr. Digital Category Coordinator
Digital Category Coordinator

Meet Some of Us

We are a global team of people with varying skills, cultures and experiences in digital marketing. We value this diversity as a source of innovation, creativity and inspiration to make our work possible.

Alexandra Roth

Director People & Culture

Bora Bayram

Account Development Manager

Boris Boomkens

Chief Financial Officer

Claudia Jerónimo

Digital Executive

Dana Santander

Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

Dilo Kruyswijk

Chief Executive Officer

Eda Molon

Senior Digital Specialist - CRM & marketing Automation

Gulcan Kurtul

Digital Strategist

Harrie Vermeulen

Subject Matter Expert AEM

Hazim Sazali

Digital Specialist - Product & Web Content Management

Jeah Shuy

Sales Operations - Senior Specialist

Irina Batalha

Resource Readiness Manager

Katya Bakir

Data Analyst - Data Management & Analytics

Marion Thouvignon

Senior Digital Strategist

Nazli Kara

Service Development Manager

Nuno Campos

Chief Growth Officer

Serhan Simsek

Head of Enablement

Tiago Silva

Digital Specialist - E-Commerce

Zeynep Babadagli

Country Manager USA

Zeynep Alphan

Global Head Email Marketing

Our Locations

Our 6 locations enable a follow-the-sun service delivery. When combined, our teams can work 18 out of 24 hours.

Amsterdam by night


The enchanting city of canals and culture,  with its picturesque landscapes, world-class museums, and vibrant street life.

Wall in Bogota


The vibrant capital of Colombia, with its rich cultural heritage, lively street art scene, and breathtaking mountain landscapes.

Istanbul by night


Where East meets West, with its stunning blend of ancient history, vibrant markets, and breathtaking architecture along the shores of the Bosphorus.

Lisbon street


The sun-kissed jewel of Portugal, with its colorful streets, historic charm, and breathtaking vistas of the Tagus River.

Kuala Lumpur by night

Kuala Lumpur

The dynamic capital of Malaysia, with its iconic skyline, bustling street markets, and a harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.

Portland street


The eclectic city is nestled in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, with its lush greenery, thriving arts scene, and progressive vibe.