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Build a data-driven strategy and a smooth marketing operation that your team will love working in

Collaborate efficiently. Make your team happier. Understand what's driving Marketing return on investment. 

Digital marketing isn't always a walk in the park


Teams are working in silos


 Multitude of stakeholders


Processes are either tedious or absent


High workload, tight deadlines, burn out


Dependency on Tech, Data and I.T.

Set your team up for success

You're probably juggling a lot of balls right now. It can be tough to keep your marketing efforts on track, choose the correct technology stack, and gather all the necessary data.  

We'll help you design the proper organizational blueprint, build the supporting ways of working, fuel it with the correct technology stack and data layer, and ensure everything is running smoothly so you can hit your targets worry-free.



Operational Excellence

Clear roles & responsibilities
Clear metrics
Integrated way of working
Agility to accommodate change 
Autonomy from I.T.

Happy Team

Better people allocation
Understand their contribution to goals 
Increased happiness at work to reduce stress and burnout
Global & local team harmonization


Data-Driven Marketing

Measure the full customer journey
Demonstrate Marketing ROI
Focus on growth initiatives

Drive growth through people and technology

Our framework to set you up for success


1. Business Objectives

Starting from your company's business objectives, which will be our North Star


2. Marketing Objectives

Translating them into actionable Marketing objectives


3. Organizational Blueprint

Designing the Organizational Blueprint to deliver them


4. Ways of Working

Allowing your team members to collaborate smoothly and efficiently thanks to integrated ways of working


5. Tech & Data

Reviewing your tech stack & data layer, making sure your tools are integrated and that you can measure the full customer journey 


6. Audience, Programs, and Activations

Defining & Analyzing your Target Audience, Translating your Marketing strategy into Marketing Programs, and transforming them into Marketing activations

You are 5 steps away from accelerating your marketing team

We believe in partnership and help you manage change end to end. We do it together every step of the way



We meet with your team to understand your company inside/out, look at marketing objectives, and analyze the maturity of each digital domain. We also review the tech and data ecosystem and check if they are any gaps.


Pain Points

Together we identify the pain points and create an integrated change management team to ensure everyone is onboard.


We come back with a detailed recommendation on Marketing objectives and metrics, an organizational blueprint with additional resources if needed, integrated ways of working for smooth collaboration, and some complementary tools or tech integration if required.


Together, we progressively roll out each of the above, being there every step of the way.


Feedback loop and Iteration

We look at what's working and what still needs fine-tuning, and we listen & adjust based on your team's feedback to ensure everyone is happy.

Meet Marion - our efficient marketing flow service lead

My background is in Digital Marketing for Tech companies like TomTom and  I’ve been leading global international teams in an integrated way, ensuring we design the right Marketing strategy to deliver substantial value to the Business.