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Convert Your Complex Data Into Actionable Insights With Our Data Analytics Solutions

From advanced tracking to comprehensive dashboard creation and analysis, our efficient services provide you with the clarity and precision needed for smarter and more effective decision-making.


Cut Through Data Clutter Into Clarity

Turn overwhelming data volumes into strategic advantage and focus on the insights that matter with our streamlined data analysis, tailored to highlight actionable intelligence.

Connect Your Data Dots With Seamless Data Integration

Bring together your diverse data sources with our advanced integration solutions, offering a seamless analytics experience and a unified view of your marketing performance.


Make Data Driven Decisions With Expert Insights

Boost your marketing efforts with our analytics experts, bringing deep insights and strategic guidance to your fingertips.

Future-Proof Your Analytics Approach

Embrace the latest in data technology with our forward-thinking analytics services, keeping your strategy sharp and informed by the latest trends. 


Translate Your Numbers Into Clear Narratives With Our Advanced Solutions

Effortlessly navigate the complexity of your data with our tailored analytics solutions. By converting complex datasets into strategic assets, we empower your journey towards a powerful, data-driven marketing strategy. Designed to align with your unique objectives, our solutions help your growth through clear insights and precise action.


Data Tracking

Implement strategic tracking solutions to analyze user interactions across your digital assets, providing valuable insights for optimization.

Data Visualization

Visualize key metrics and performance indicators with intuitive dashboards, empowering data-driven decision-making and strategy refinement.


Data Reporting & Analysis​

Generate comprehensive reports and conduct in-depth analysis of your data, uncovering actionable insights to drive business growth.

Data Integration

Efficiently integrate your data analytics platform into new technologies or systems, ensuring continuity and maximizing data accuracy and accessibility.

Data Personalization

Deploy data-driven strategies that tailor content and user experiences to individual preferences, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.

Data Optimization

Optimize data processes, systems, and strategies through advanced analytics techniques to maximize efficiency and drive results.

Data Engineering

Develop robust data architectures and pipelines for efficient data processing, paving the way for advanced analytics and informed decision-making.

Data Governance Compliance

Ensure the accuracy, privacy, and security of your data, instilling confidence in every business decision you make.

Customer Insights, Raw and Real

Continue to do what you are doing :) and continue to hire resources who focus on providing proactive solutions as the subject matter experts. Thank you for your partnership!
Extremely hard-working, thoughtful and knowledgeable.  Able to consider business context and provide digital recommendations accordingly.
Excellent communication and always great work!
The NMQ team is wonderful to work with and I'm grateful for your outstanding customer service and friendliness.
Very happy with the quality of support and innovation that the NMQ team brings to our efforts.

How We Work?

It only takes 4 steps to unlock the full potential of your data, enabling smarter strategies and competitive advantage in your industry.


Understand Your Challenge

We start with understanding your specific business challenges that we need to address.

Provide Recommendation

Then we come back with a detailed offering with strategic recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs. 


Next, together with you, we start implementing the solutions with precision and agility for immediate impact.

Feedback Loop & Iteration

In addition to your team's feedback, we look at what is working and what needs to improve, so we can drive success continuously.

Flexible Pricing Models

Blend various pricing strategies to swiftly adjust to shifts in the market and business landscape.


  • Ideal for business peak periods
  • Skilled digital talent

  • Only pay for the number of hours used

  • 100% remote work



  • Great for personnel cost reductions

  • Highly skilled digital talent

  • Fix cost per month

  • 100% remote work

Value +

  • Suitable for interim & strategic roles

  • Highly skilled digital talent

  • Fix cost per month

  • Hybrid/On-site work

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section! Here, we've compiled answers to some of the most common questions you might have about our services, data management, data analytics, and how we leverage cutting-edge marketing technology (MarTech) to enhance your data-driven insights.

Don't see your question listed? Reach out to us directly - we're here to help!


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What type of data & analytics services does NMQ Digital offer?

NMQ Digital offers a broad range of data & analytics services, designed to cover all aspects of digital business intelligence and customer insight. 

Our offerings range from advanced data tracking, which captures nuanced customer interactions, to data integration that consolidates disparate data streams into a cohesive, actionable format. 

We specialize in data optimization, ensuring that every piece of data serves a strategic purpose, and data personalization, which tailors user experiences to boost engagement and conversion. 

Our expertise also extends to data engineering and governance compliance, ensuring that data not only drives decision-making but is also managed responsibly and ethically.

How does NMQ Digital ensure data accuracy and integrity?

At NMQ Digital, ensuring data accuracy and integrity is foundational to our approach. 

We employ a solid methodology that includes regular audits, cross-validation of data sources, and adherence to best practices in data management. 

Our data governance framework is robust, prioritizing the reliability of your data so that insights and recommendations are always based on solid, trustworthy information. 

This attention to detail ensures that our clients can make strategic decisions with confidence.

What tools and technologies does NMQ Digital use for data analytics?

Our strategic approach to data analytics is centered around alignment with your business goals and leveraging data as a strategic asset. 

We integrate data from various touchpoints to provide a 360-degree view of your business landscape, enabling predictive insights and actionable intelligence. 

Our toolkit includes leading-edge technologies such as PowerBI, Tableau, Firebase, HubSpot, Google Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics, Monsido, Meta Platforms, Google Optimize, Dynamic Yield, Adobe Target, and Medallia. These tools enable us to perform comprehensive data analytics, from tracking and reporting to optimization and personalization.

What makes NMQ Digital's data & analytics solutions stand out?

What sets NMQ Digital apart is our holistic and strategic approach to data and analytics, combined with our deep commitment to personalized client service. 

Our team of skilled professionals uses a blend of the latest technologies and strategic insights to deliver data-driven solutions that are not just innovative but also directly aligned with your business objectives. 

Our dedication to understanding your unique needs and leveraging data to meet those needs ensures that we provide not just a service, but a true partnership aimed at driving your success.

It’s the combination of our personalized service, strategic digital expertise, and the dedication of our skilled professionals that truly sets NMQ Digital apart from other digital marketing agencies.

What is the typical lead time from the initial consultation to the execution of data analytics services?

At NMQ Digital, we prioritize efficient timelines alongside maintaining the highest quality of our data analytics services. 

The lead time from your initial consultation to the execution of our data analytics services typically ranges from a few weeks to a month, contingent upon the project's complexity, scope, and the necessary legal formalities for onboarding. 

Following our initial consultation, we will provide a comprehensive timeline detailing every phase of the project, from data strategy formulation to the practical application of insights. 

Once all legal agreements are in place, our team moves swiftly to kickstart your data analytics journey, ensuring that your strategic goals are met with precision and your organization begins to benefit from actionable insights as swiftly as possible.

Can NMQ Digital help us understand our customers better?

Absolutely, understanding your customers is at the heart of what we do. 

Through a combination of data analysis and behavioral insights, we unlock a deep understanding of customer preferences, motivations, and engagement patterns. 

This insight enables us to help you craft personalized customer experiences and targeted strategies that resonate with your audience, enhancing customer loyalty and driving business growth.

How can your analytics services improve our website's performance?

Our analytics services are geared towards optimizing your website’s performance by leveraging data-driven insights to enhance user experience, improve site speed, and boost conversion rates. 

We identify friction points, analyze user behavior, and test optimization strategies to ensure that your website not only attracts visitors but also effectively converts them into loyal customers. 

This process involves a blend of analytics, user feedback, and iterative testing to continuously refine and improve your online presence.

What is NMQ Digital's approach to privacy and data protection?

NMQ Digital prioritizes privacy and data protection by adhering to international data protection regulations including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other relevant privacy laws across the jurisdictions we operate in.

Our team is trained in best practices for data privacy, and we implement strict data governance policies by employing cookie consent management tools like OneTrust, TrustArc, Usercentrics, and MarTech tool regulations for compliance management to protect your information and that of your customers.

Today, keeping data safe is more important than ever and we see ourselves as reliable guardians of your data.

How do you tailor your analytics services to different industries?

We recognize that each industry faces unique challenges and opportunities in the digital space. 

Our analytics services are therefore highly customized, drawing on industry-specific data, trends, and benchmarks to provide relevant insights. 

Whether it’s retail, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, we tailor our analytics strategies to meet the specific needs of your industry, ensuring that the insights we provide can directly contribute to your success.

Can NMQ Digital assist with real-time data analysis?

Yes, NMQ Digital can assist with real-time data analysis. Our advanced technology platforms and expertise allow us to process and analyze data as it's collected, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently.

Our solutions are designed to be adaptable and scalable, ensuring that we can meet the specific needs of your business. Whether it's customer behavior insights, operational efficiency, or predictive analytics, we deliver actionable intelligence in real-time.

How can I get started with NMQ Digital's Data & Analytics solutions?

Getting started with NMQ Digital’s data & analytics solutions is simple and straightforward.

Begin by reaching out to us through our website’s "Book A Call" form, where you can immediately book a slot on your calendar with one of our sales reps in your region to discuss your data & analytics needs, your business goals, and how our services can align with your objectives. During this meeting, we’ll also cover any specific concerns you have and the scope of services you’re interested in.

Following the consultation, we’ll provide you with a customized proposal that outlines our recommended solutions, the scope of work, timelines, and pricing. Once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll finalize the agreement and kick off the project with a detailed onboarding process. This includes setting up communication channels, gathering necessary access credentials to your current analytics tools, and scheduling a project kickoff meeting to discuss the project plan in detail.

Our team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth transition and successful execution of your data & analytics strategy. With NMQ Digital, you can expect a partnership that's focused on achieving your digital objectives and driving results for your business.