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Mehmet Akhoroz Mehmet Akhoroz
Mehmet Akhoroz is a skilled digital professional with over 10 years of experience, currently serving as a Data Analyst at NMQ Digital. Within the dynamic environment of NMQ Digital, he has made significant contributions to major service areas such as CRM & Email Marketing, Digital Consultancy, and Data Management & Analytics. Engaging in both internal and external projects for top-tier clients, including Philips, Firmenich, Zoetis, Ultimaker, Apollo Vredestein, etc., Mehmet consistently demonstrates his expertise in diverse and interdisciplinary collaborations. His extensive background in digital and information technologies includes pivotal roles in large-scale web and mobile-based projects, showcasing proficiency in a broad spectrum of skills. These encompass digital marketing, project management, web development and testing, automation, usability, VR development, research, modeling, multimedia design and development, motion graphics, videography, instructional design, quality assurance, data cleaning and preprocessing, data wrangling, data analysis, data visualization, and DB management, along with proficiency in various tools and platforms.