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Sep 25, 2023 Nuno Campos

New office in Bogota. Why now?


Join us for an intimate chat with our CEO, Dilo Kruyswijk, as he shares the heartwarming journey of NMQ Digital and unveils the exciting tales behind our newest chapter in Bogota. Dive into our story, our dreams, and the vibrant opportunities that await.

We're all excited about the new office in Bogota. Can you share why we chose to expand there?

When Lorissa Salomons started this company, we envisioned it as a global family. A network of talented individuals spread across different corners of the globe, all marching to the beat of the same drum—innovation, creativity, and excellent service.

Now, the US market has been something of a miracle for us. Our growth rate is three times the average of our other regions. It's like catching lightning in a bottle! When we look at those numbers, I see more than stats — I see stories. Stories of businesses we've helped scale, enterprise giants we've helped transform, and, most importantly, clients who have become part of our NMQ Digital family.

And here we are, ready to write the next chapter of those stories, but this time in Bogota, Colombia. The question isn't 'Why now?' but rather 'Why not sooner?' However, as they say, timing is everything, and the timing now couldn't be more perfect. We're growing faster than ever and must be agile to be where our clients need us to be. By setting up an office in Bogota, we not only open doors to a new world of talent but also position ourselves within the same time zones as our booming US market. More real-time collaboration, quicker turnaround, and stronger relationships. It's like we're just next door, always ready for a cup of coffee and a great chat, digitally speaking!

This is not just an office; it's a statement. It says, 'Hey, we're NMQ Digital, and we're serious about delivering you the best full-funnel digital marketing services, no matter where you are.

Bogota is an interesting choice. What makes it the right fit for NMQ Digital?

You might be wondering, out of all the places in the world, why did we choose Bogota for our next big leap? Let me paint you a picture.

First and foremost, Bogota is a hotbed of digital marketing talent. We're talking about a vibrant community of young, educated professionals brimming with creativity and technical skills. Colombia has made significant educational strides in technology and business, which perfectly aligns with what we do at NMQ Digital. I always say, 'Talent is our most valuable asset,' and in Bogota, talent is abundant.

Now, let's talk demographics. Over 26% of Colombia's population is between the ages of 18 and 34. That's a huge reservoir of potential and energy just waiting to be tapped! Economically, Colombia has been showing signs of stability and consistent growth, making it an ideal place for investment.

But what really sealed the deal was our clients. Over the past few years, we've heard their requests for your extended team at NMQ Digital to operate closer to your time zones. It's a valid point; the closer we are in time, the better we can collaborate, innovate, and solve challenges together. So, this move is as much for us as it is for you. We listened, and we acted.

I remember a recent conversation with one of our long-standing clients based in the States. They mentioned how much easier and efficient work would be if we operated within the same time frame.

So, think of our new Bogota office as a pin on the map and a convergence point. A place where North meets South, where talent meets opportunity, and where NMQ Digital meets the future, face-to-face. We're not just breaking ground on a new office; we're planting a seed in a fertile landscape, eager to see what incredible stories will grow from it.

How does this move align with NMQ Digital’s overall mission and goals?

 At NMQ Digital, our North Star has always been clear: to be the global partner of choice for digitally ambitious brands. How does opening an office in Bogota fit into that larger picture? First, let's discuss our core principles — partnership, growth, learning, solutions, transparency, and cost-efficiency. You see when we refer to ourselves as partners, we truly mean it. We don't just provide services; we become an extension of our customer's team. And what better way to extend that partnership than by setting up shop in a location that brings us closer to where many of the world's most ambitious brands are built and developed— right in the United States?

Now, onto the cornerstone of partnership — making our clients successful. Our success has always been a reflection of your success. So, when you said, 'Hey, could you be closer to our time zone?' we took it not just as a suggestion but as an integral part of our shared journey towards success. It's not just about cutting down on time differences or making scheduling easier, though those are nice perks. It's about enhancing our ability to collaborate, problem-solve, and celebrate wins together in real time.

But it's not just about what we can offer to our clients; it's also about what we can cultivate within our team. Bogota allows us to tap into a new, youthful talent pool, enriching our collective skills and perspectives. It allows us to embody our principle of 'growth and learning together' on an even larger scale.

Opening Bogota is a strategic move, carefully aligned with our mission and principles.

What services will the new office initially focus on?

 As we set foot in this vibrant city, we're laser-focused on recruiting for three key areas: Website Content Management, Email Marketing, and Development.

Now, why these three? Because they are our cornerstone services in the U.S., and they’ve been the bread and butter of our growth there. We're looking for content specialists who can weave stories, developers who can code dreams into reality, and email marketers who can hit that sweet spot between persuasive and personal.

As we establish ourselves in Bogota, we plan to diversify our talent pool further. We're talking Data Analytics, Project Management, Performance Marketing, and SEO. Imagine a team of analytical minds who can translate numbers into strategies, project managers who are the glue that holds everything together, performance marketers who understand the market's pulse, and SEO experts who can make you the star of, e.g., Google's front page. That's the full-circle ensemble we're aiming to assemble.

And here's the best part—if you're reading this and thinking, 'Hey, that's me he's talking about!' then I invite you to reach out. We're not just offering jobs; we're offering a chance to be part of something bigger. A global mission to bring digital ambitions to life, one success story at a time. So whether you're a coding wizard, a wordsmith, a numbers guru, or a strategy champ, there's a place for you under our NMQ Digital banner in Bogota. And I can't wait to welcome you to our ever-expanding family. 

Culture plays a big role in any company. How does the Colombian culture align with NMQ Digital?

We're friendly results-oriented, and we have an insatiable thirst for learning. And let's not forget—we aim to be so in sync with our clients that their goals become ours. We're in the people business, after all.

Now, why is Bogota the perfect setting for our next cultural chapter? Let's talk about Colombia for a minute. First of all, Colombia is known for its warm, hospitable people. Our friendly nature will feel right at home in a culture that values relationships and community. I can already imagine our team members sharing a cup of Colombian coffee while brainstorming the next big campaign.

Then comes our results-oriented mindset. Colombia has a burgeoning economy and a young workforce hungry for achievement. It's a culture that celebrates success, much like we do.

On top of that, Colombia has invested heavily in education, particularly in fields that are close to our hearts—technology, business, and communication. Our commitment to continual learning will resonate deeply in a country that's betting big on its intellectual capital.

Perhaps what excites me most is the matchmaking potential. Every client has its unique culture, and finding that sweet spot where we harmonize with them is our top priority. Given Colombia's rich cultural diversity, adaptability, and global outlook, I see endless opportunities for creating harmonious partnerships. We can learn so much from each other—imagine the innovation that would come from merging the best of both worlds!

How has the year's first half been for NMQ Digital regarding growth and client acquisition?

 The first half of this year has been nothing short of a standing ovation for Team NMQ Digital.

First, let's talk numbers. Over the first six months, our growth rate has been in the low two digits. If you're wondering how that stacks up, consider this: the industry average is around 5%. That means we've outgrown the market threefold!

And speaking of wins, we've welcomed six new logos to our family. Each new client represents a fresh opportunity, a new story, and we're honored that they chose to write that story with us. But that's not all; our cross-sell productivity has exceeded even our most optimistic projections. Our existing clients aren’t just sticking with us—they're expanding their journeys with us.

However, let’s not break out the champagne just yet. Attracting new customers is one area where we invest significant effort and resources. We're proud but not complacent.

Our growth ambitions are not limited to Europe and the United States.  We’ve made a key hire in Asia Pacific that we're extremely excited about. The message is loud and clear: Our aspirations are as global as the brands we serve.

So, yes, we’ve had a great start, but the game's not over. The best is yet to come as we open our Bogota office, add new talents, and fine-tune our strategies.

What challenges and opportunities do you foresee with the new office?

 We've got two big 'opportunities' to tackle as we move forward with our new office in Bogota. First, let's talk team.

We're on a quest to assemble the best and brightest, requiring several iterations. Patience is key, and we're committed to getting it right, no shortcuts.

The second challenge is a bit delicate—convincing our customers to explore our premium services in Bogota. We're creating thoughtful, tailored plans for each client to ease this transition.

But enough about challenges; let's switch gears and talk about opportunities. Having teams working in the same time zone is, in a word, a game-changer. Remember those late-night or crack-of-dawn conference calls? Those days are numbered! Colombia offers us a unique proposition—highly skilled talent at affordable rates. This isn’t just good news for us; it’s great news for our clients' operations.

You see, our challenges aren't roadblocks; they're stepping stones, each one a lesson that brings us closer to our ultimate goals. And speaking of goals, let's not forget our North Star—being the global partner of choice for digitally ambitious brands. Every challenge we conquer, every opportunity we seize, brings us one step closer to that guiding light. And I can’t think of a journey more worth taking.

How does the new office align with NMQ Digital's unique frameworks?

 Let’s start by talking about 'Digital Perseverance.' This isn't just a catchy phrase; it's our ethos. As we expand to Bogota, the continuity of time zones and the blending of cultures are about empowering your marketing teams to do more and to do it better. It's about combining process, passion, and people—on a global scale!

Next, let’s dive into our unique framework, AFTER™. Picture your marketing strategy as a beautiful symphony. AFTER™ is like the conductor, orchestrating every element to create a harmonious flow that boosts your revenue. And remember, our new office in Bogota will be like adding a section of virtuosos to that orchestra. Their fresh perspectives can only enrich our framework, streamlining your workflows, accelerating project timelines, and optimizing resource allocation like never before.

Lastly, the concept of doing 'More with Less.' This mantra is baked into every service we offer, whether it’s website management or digital strategy. Our cost-effective solutions in Bogota will enable your business to deliver superior customer experiences while reducing costs. That's a double win!

But let's tie all these threads together. The opportunities from our new office—from time zone alignment and local talent to an amplified service offering—are designed to empower your teams with digital perseverance. The innovation and diversity from our Bogota team will naturally flow into our AFTER™ framework, supercharging your approach to revenue. And the promise of 'More with Less'? It's sewn into the fabric of our global expansion.

So, as we open doors in Bogota, you should emotionally expect a renewed sense of empowerment, efficiency, and exceptional value—all wrapped up in the comfort of knowing you're with a partner who understands not just the 'what,' but the 'why.' And that, my friends, is the emotional crescendo we all strive for.

 Finally, what does this move say about NMQ Digital’s journey?

 This question is a perfect opportunity to take a walk down memory lane while looking at the road ahead. NMQ Digital was just a twinkle in our founders' eyes fourteen years ago. But what a bright twinkle it was! We saw the immense, untapped power that digital marketing could unleash. Fast forward to today, and here we are, a dynamic team spanning multiple continents.

What's kept us in the game and flourishing? I believe it's our high customer retention. And let's be real: retention is the sincerest form of flattery in business. It's not just about delivering services; it's about creating a lasting, valuable partnership. Our customers know that we’re not just another digital marketing partner but an extension of their team.

But let's talk about the present and the future — specifically our ambitions. We’ve set our sights westward to the U.S. and eastward towards Asia Pacific. And our new office in Bogota? It’s the perfect manifestation of that ambition.

Opening Bogota is a statement that we are willing to go where our clients need us and a testament to our relentless pursuit to be the global partner of choice for digitally ambitious brands.

So, as we toast to fourteen years of NMQ Digital and set our eyes on new horizons, know that our story is far from over, and we look forward to each new chapter.



Published by Nuno Campos September 25, 2023
Nuno Campos